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Helping You Through the Process of Ending Your Marriage

At Blacker Sammis & Blacker LLP, we strive to position clients to move ahead with their lives after the divorce is finalized. We believe that part of our role is client education. We take special care to inform our clients about their options and the potential consequences of their decisions.

What to Consider When Facing Divorce

We rarely encounter a simple divorce. Even where the assets are not substantial, there may be questions about property division, child custody, support, and more.

A complex divorce may involve all of those issues along with:

  • The determination of the date of the separation of the parties
  • The validity of prenuptial agreements
  • The valuation and characterization of multiple assets
  • Breach of fiduciary duties
  • Special needs of children
  • Hidden assets
  • Substance abuse

Mediation and negotiation are important alternatives to litigation. Litigation can mean surrendering your control. If the parties cannot come to an agreement, a judge will decide how the assets and debts are divided, or who has custody of your children.