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Our Family Law Practice

At Blacker Sammis & Blacker LLP, we guide clients through divorce and other family law issues. Established in 1979, by Nordin F. Blacker, our firm is a team that is experienced, discreet, and goal-oriented. We strive to negotiate an outcome that is firmly aligned with your best interests and that involves a minimum amount of stress and time.

What to Expect When You Work with Us

The attorneys at Blacker Sammis & Blacker LLP seek creative ways to resolve disputes, craft agreements, and provide support, especially where the parties are not on equal footing in terms of earning power, emotional strength, and financial knowledge.


The reality is that the majority of cases settle. We pursue negotiated settlements in the belief that arrangements in which both parties are engaged are financially more efficient and most likely to reduce rancor. This is particularly important when children are involved.


We know that occasionally a negotiated settlement cannot be reached. Our attorneys have a demonstrated record of high-quality courtroom advocacy. We have built relationships with experts who assist in matters requiring specialized knowledge in areas such as forensic accounting, mental health, child development, and property valuation.

Our goal is to help you achieve an amicable resolution when possible. We accomplish this by educating you about substantive family law and procedural options, such as litigation, mediation, or other forms of dispute resolution. If your case must be litigated, we help you by strategically selecting the best setting for your case whether in the public courthouse or in the offices of a private judge.