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San Francisco California Family Law Attorneys

At Blacker, Sammis & Blacker, we provide experienced and dedicated legal counsel to guide clients through divorce and other family law disputes. Our goal is to achieve an amicable resolution to as many of the issues as possible. We accomplish this by educating clients about substantive family law and procedural options – such as mediation, collaborative law or litigation – as well as strategically selecting the best setting for the case, whether in the public court house or use of a private judge. We pursue negotiated settlements first in the belief that arrangements in which both parties participate are most likely to reduce rancor and endure the test of time. This is particularly important when children are involved.

We know that occasionally a negotiated settlement cannot be reached. Our attorneys have a demonstrated record of high quality courtroom advocacy and aggressively pursue a litigated outcome when necessary. Our law firm has extensive relationships with experts who assist in matters requiring specialized knowledge in areas such as forensic accounting, mental health and valuation.

Our attorneys are discreet, experienced and goal-oriented. We strive to negotiate an agreeable outcome that is firmly aligned with our client's best interests and that involves a minimum amount of stress and time. Our significant accomplishments in the field of family law form the foundation upon which we help clients resolve the most challenging issues.